Jim Willie: Source confirms that Germany is ready to leave EU, Euro, and NATO

German Chancellor Angela MerkelPhoto by Clive Rose/Getty Images

On July 23, Dr. Jim Willie, a well respected statistician and founder of the Hat Trick Newsletter, was a guest on the USA Watchdog weekly podcast. During the 30 minute interview with host Greg Hunter, Dr. Willie provided an astonishing announcement from a high level source within the London banking system that Germany was on the cusp of severing its long-standing obligations to the U.S., and was ready to leave not only the European Union, but also the Euro currency and NATO to join then join up with Russia, China, and the BRICS coalition to strengthen the financial and economic power of the emerging global system coming out of Eurasia and the East.

Germany is already disgruntled with the United States for their aggressive tactics in trying to usurp Ukraine from their age old position in the Russian camp, and from day one, has been opposing the American superpower’s attempts to bring in Europe to solidify sanctions on Russia, which have been done outside the vote of the United Nations, and solely for the benefit of U.S. national policy and protection for the dollar.

Jim Willie: I got word from a client… I call him London Paul. He’s a former banker in London who does alot of private consulting, investigation, and feasibility studies and other general work with a bunch of clients.

He just came back from a client trip where some Russians told him that their information, confirmed by Asian partners (clients – colleagues), is that they have heard Germany made a decision already to leave the EU, leave the Euro, and leave NATO, and join the BRICS nations, and come about full force to back the new BRICS gold currency. – USA Watchdog

Besides Germany in the Eurozone, France is also hedging strongly towards abandoning the United States and the European Union because of recent events involving the U.S. and their indicting and fining of the French bank BNP Paribas for actions they did more than five years ago during a time of American sanctions in the Sudan. However, as Dr. Jim Willie proposed in a second interview he did on July 23 with Silver Doctors, the real reason behind this indictment was that BNP Paribas was actually facilitating the dumping of the U.S. treasuries by Russia and other BRICS nations, and was causing severe trouble for the dollar and global reserve currency.

Germany has a vital interest in ensuring their relations with Russia and China are not hindered in any way, especially since they rely upon these BRICS member nations for 30% of their oil imports, and 40% of their natural gas needs. Additionally, over 3000 German companies do a great deal of business with the BRICS coalition, and their economy is now more reliant upon the East than it is on the U.S. and Western countries. Thus Germany has already seen the writing on the wall for a sea-change in global economic and financial authority, and it is very likely that as the U.S. resorts to armed conflicts and espionage to protect their control over dollar hegemony, the linchpin to Europe and the entire European Union will assuredly look out for themselves, and move forward in a partnership with the next power structure that will rule the global financial system.







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